I am a linocut printmaker living in Port Orchard in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I share a converted garage studio space with my husband Peter, who is a painter. Our studio is usually filled with music, dogs and a parrot. It is a wonderful environment for creativity.

Tina and Peter Juvonen - Wendy Dreaney Photography
Photo by Wendy Dreaney Photography

For me, a print starts with slow rumination, I ponder a lot. I will use sketches and photo references. I am continually inspired by feelings of connectivity to natures drama and beauty.

My carving is careful and exacting but at some point in the process, visual memory will push me to make faster, less controlled marks with my gouges, this creates more fluidity, especially when depicting water, a favorite subject.

Much of my inspiration comes from the beautiful Pacific Northwest but I am also influenced by love of my native England, history, folklore and travels abroad.

Whilst I am not formally trained in a traditional way, I have spent a lifetime studying and working creatively  with my body and hands. I am still studying at the school of trial and error.